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A Fresh Start…

It's been to long since I've spent any time on my own website, and having lived with my last version for oh, 3 years or so, it's time for an update! Not just an update though but an entirely new website.

To be honest I don't think I was ever really satisfied with my last website. It always lacked… something. Detail? Visual interest? That certain flair that just makes you go "Oooooo!" or 'Aaaaaah!"?. Well, maybe not so much the Ooo's and Aah's, but it was definitely lacking something. Thus over the course of 3 years I thought about it. What was my last website missing? And then it hit me; it was missing me! Sure, it was about me and my work, but the site itself lacked any personality. It had an emptiness to it that just never sat well. As I look over my last site one thing was clearly noticeable: White. Little to no color. It was for all intents and purposes, dead.

Tempus Design 2.0

The site for the most part was void of any real life or feeling. It was cold and icy. Then again, I did make the thing in the dead of winter. Perhaps that was my inspiration? Freezing New England temperatures combined with a white coating of snow? It would explain a lot. In any event it was more than time for a change. As I went about creating the layout for this new website I had one goal/idea in mind that I wanted to see happen. I wanted to bring more natural elements. I wanted to find a way to take images of nature such as plants and incorporate them into the design, put actual life into it.

I also knew that I wanted to use my linear based design style of utilizing a grid based look to create my site. I do enjoy when things line up nice and neat in a design. The challenge then was how to marry two things, one organic and the other inorganic, together. Turns out that this new design would indeed be a challenge. Between sketching some ideas on paper and a lot of playing in Photoshop, two designs emerged as the victors. One design, which I am using for my new site layout currently and the other which had an open design to it, feeling much less constrained.

Alternate site design

One element that I particularly fell in love with for my new design is the star field in the background. It brought a sense of mystery and depth to the design that I thoroughly enjoyed. While it isn't on my site currently, it will be soon though! I just need to finish cleaning up the images, work on some coding, and then I get to remake all my images for the website. Huzzah! Long story short my site is a work and progress and will remain so. Why? Because to me websites are a living, breathing, element of design that can change at the drop of a hat. They have so much potential to them that I can't just see them sitting still.

My cat has no pity for you.

"Whatchoo doin' here, foo'!?"

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