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Triad Healthcare Inc.'s Utilization Management, Credentialing and Network Management programs have been examined and accredited by URAC on a continual basis since 1999. Our company was one of the first specialty care organizations to received URAC accreditation and was selected to serve as a Beta test organization for URAC UM standards. Since 1999, we have maintained a participatory relationship with URAC, both educationally and organizationally. Multiple former URAC committee members have consulted for TRIAD to assist with program development and compliance. TRIAD's President and EO currently serves on URAC's Accreditation Committee.

TRIAD maintains the necessary accreditations and/or licenses to meet the requirements of regulatory and professional bodies applicable to the services our company provides to its clients.

Triad Healthcare, Inc. maintains full accreditation awarded under the Health Network with Credentialing Standards, version 4.0 and the Health Utilization Management Standards, version 4.2 by URAC, effective as of January 1, 2006 through January 1, 2008.

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