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Executive Leadership

Triad Healthcare, Inc.'s corporate structure is designed to facilitate growth and promote a culture of reward for the achievement of defined strategic events and initiatives. In short, our integrated, vertical approach reflects a company that knows who it is, why it is doing business, what it must do to achieve its goals, when these goals must be achieved and how this translates into personal and corporate success. Experienced in both the medical industry and the businesses world, our core team is highly proficient in each individual's area of expertise. Please click on the image below to view our leadership bios:

  • Dr. Tino Villani
    Dr. Tino Villani
  • Dr. Santo Sampino
    Dr. Santo Sampino
  • Dr. Scott Bernard
    Dr. Scott Bernard
  • Marc Lombardi, Esq.
    Marc Lombardi, Esq.

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