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Triad Healthcare, Inc. is aware that member/client satisfaction is essential to the success of any managed care program. Our Quality Department conducts oversight of all areas, including evaluating clinical quality, network access and quality of service. Our Quality Management program also administers and manages appeals, grievances and concerns of members, providers and client organizations.

The Quality Management program is tasked with the responsibility of measuring and evaluating:

  • The quality of care and service rendered to patients
  • The quality of service provided by Triad to our customers

We use the quality standards set by URAC as benchmarks for the policies, procedures and guidelines used in the Quality Management Program. Governance of the Quality Program is the responsibility of the QI (Quality Improvement) Committee comprised of practicing allied service providers.

Benefit Analysis Reporting
  • Client experience against normative data
  • Fee analysis and comparisons
  • Network and provider recruitment analysis
  • Network performance and provider profiling

Utilization Analysis and Reporting
Triad Healthcare, Inc. provides sophisticated analysis and reporting to its clients that identify and explain utilization and cost trends, assess provider quality and patient outcomes and forecast the impact of our programs on future cost and experience.

Clinical Outcomes Analysis Reporting

  • Patient complaint resolution
  • Ongoing client specific reporting on Triad Healthcare, Inc. performance using key clinical and operational indicators
  • Continuing care management through data collection analysis
  • Ongoing quality improvement evaluations

In an effort to build a stronger relationship with providers, members, and clients, Triad Healthcare, Inc. has developed two surveys to ensure quality and delivery of care. Surveys are done annually. Additional surveys may be employed during the year to assess response to shift or changes in the program. These surveys include:

  • Provider survey
  • Client survey

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