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Since 1996, Triad has been unique in our exclusive focus on pain management as an organization, serving some of the nations largest and smallest health plans. Today, Triad Healthcare is an independently held pain solutions specialty managed care organization (MCO) that offers a full range of services to the managed care and health industry, including medical management, claims processing, credentialing, and member/provider services.


Corporate Goal
Triad Healthcare's goal is to grow through the honest, focused pursuit of its stated mission.

Defining Attributes
Triad Healthcare, Inc. is:

  • A company that large and small insurers, HMO's, PPO's, employers, workers' compensation administrators and regulators desire to know, interact and do business with.
  • Eager to know, interact, educate, and contract business within the healthcare community. We are competent and have the intellectual and operational capacity to do this.
  • A desired customer of the financial services industry. This community includes banks and other lending institutions, investment brokerages, agents, and insurance and consulting companies of various types. These companies are attracted to us because we demonstrate and manifest an intelligent set of goals and plans, discipline in carrying out these plans, properly documented evidence of the successful outcomes of these plans, fiscal responsibility, fiscal stability and strong leadership.
  • The company that providers and other business partners prefer to do business with.
  • TRIAD is a company that skilled, honest, hard-working and cooperative people desire to work with. They know that meaningful, hard work is a joy, that all great accomplishments require cooperation and honesty and that all rewards worth receiving come only AFTER equivalently valuable service has been provided to others. They are not afraid to trust others because they themselves are trustworthy.

Corporate Culture
To reach our Corporate Goal and to be recognized by our Defining Attributes we promote and inspire a performance oriented culture consistent with our core values of:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Partnership

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